Adopting Automation with Mattress Tape Edge Machine

There are two popular types on the market: The first type we call it semi-automatic mattress tape edge machine, and the other we call it automatic mattress tape edge machine which we are discussing now. Both of these mattress tape edge machines with their own advantages. But by comparison, the automatic tape edge machine with more advantages, because we were improve a lot of things. Such as it can reducing the cost of labor, and the operation is not so complicated. When we are operating this automatic mattress tape edge machine, you just need to control the PLC system setting parameters. It is very simple for the operator.
The mattress tape edge machine price is easy to focus on, but what is the long-term cost of ownership? It is very simple to buy a machine, but what is the cost later? Mechanical maintenance, downtime, always painful.
1.Are there parts that need to be replaced frequently?

2.What is the price about the parts?

3.Does this machine with a good reputation in the market?

4.What are the recommendations for future mechanical maintenance?

Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine With These Advantage
Using PLC program control and artificial intelligence operation. When we sewing the mattress it can automatically walk during sewing. Besides that, it also automatically corners, automatically flips, and increases sewing speed. We were added a lot of features, such as the mechanical head can automatic raise and lower at the corner, automatically decelerate, and automatically recover at the corner of the sewing mattress. Solved the problem that the four corner seams of the mattress are protruding inside.
Applicable Customer
This automatic mattress tape edge machine suitable for factories that require a large number of mattresses per day. And sewing the mattress just need one person operation, which improves work efficiency and reduces labor intensity. It is an ideal equipment for high-grade mattress manufacturing and assembly line production. If your company producing a high volume of mattresses every day, this automatic mattress tape edge machine will be your best choice.
Customer Service
When your machine is down, or parts are damaged. You don’t have to worry about this, our company with professional after-sales service team.
1. How quickly can they get a qualified technician on-site if necessary?

2. Does the machine have a time limit for warranty?

3.They will provide technical support online?